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My new solo album "Pilgrim" will be released worldwide on 2nd February 2023 [posted 15th/01/23]

My seventh solo album "Pilgrim" will be released on 2nd February 2023.

Peter Gee - Pilgrim (2023)
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"Pilgrim"album is available to buy from from White Knight Records, from the Pendragon online store, from CD Baby and ITunes (for MP3 downloads), from Spotify, or direct from me, (but please note that I personally cannot accept credit card orders). If you are a dealer then you can order the album direct from White Knight Records.

"Pilgrim"catalogue number PGCD008, is my seventh solo album release (or eighth if you include the gospel album "The Life Of God In The Soul Of Man"), and my fourth album release with worldwide distribution company White Knight Records.

"Pilgrim" is a concept album, over a total of 69 minutes, which is based upon John Bunyan’s famous book of 1678, "The Pilgrim’s Progress" This was one of the books that most influenced my father, Reverend Michael Gee, in his ministry as a vicar in the Church of England for over 30 years. Then when my father died in 2000, we erected a stained glass window in his memory at Holy Trinity Church, Brimscombe (his first parish church as a minister), of the scene from Bunyan’s book where Pilgrim brings his burden to the cross. So this album was very much for me a personal journey, and a mission which I needed to complete in memory of my father, and of his wonderful life of loving and serving other people.

Although it was first published in 1678, this is still the story of every human being on our planet today. We are all travellers who are just passing though this world, and we are all on a journey throughout this lifetime, and then when we die, we move on to the world to come. And we all need to keep to The Way and choose not to end up in a place of evil or darkness, but press on towards The Celestial City, or Heaven, as we call it today.

This "Pilgrim" album showcases the amazing vocal talents of Steve Thorne, Jimmy Flanders, Becky Brannigan and Hayley Oliver, as well as regular collaborator Steve Christey (Jadis) on drums.

"Pilgrim" contains a stunning array of musical styles from the progressive "The Wicket Gate", "The Delectable Mountains" and "The Celestial City", to classic rock song "The City of Destruction" to the soaring guitar solo on "The River Of Death", from the beautiful female vocal solo introduction to "Pilgrim’s Burden" to the early Genesis style acoustic pieces "Faithful" and "Enchanted Ground", from the captivating powerful piano pieces "Pilgrim Lays Down His Burden At The Cross" and "Doubting Castle", to the groove based "Low Country of Pride" and the more commercial "Vanity Fair", and on to the darker pieces of "The Destroyer" and "Valley of The Shadow Of Death". And yet this whole album has a wonderful power and unity to it and the story draws you in to see whether or not the Pilgrim, named "Christian", will succeed in his life long spiritual journey from The City of Destruction to The Celestial City.

The full track listing is:

1. Pilgrim’s Burden
2. The City Of Destruction
3. Slough Of Despond
4. The Wicket Gate
5. The Interpreter’s House
6. Pilgrim Lays Down His Burden At The Cross
7. False Believers
8. A Restful Arbour
9. The House Beautiful
10. The Destroyer
11. Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
12. Faithful
13. Vanity Fair
14. The Plain Of Ease
15. Doubting Castle
16. The Delectable Mountains
17. Low Country Of Pride
18. Enchanted Ground
19. The River Of Death
20. The Celestial City

"Pilgrim" is a great progressive rock album, with something for everyone, including some beautiful and soulful vocals, magical 12 string guitar pieces, evocative piano melodies, soaring guitar solos and wonderful performances throughout.

If you like Pendragon’s music, or if you just like good rock music, progressive structures and songs with melody and emotion, then you will love this album! This is an album that you can really enter into the world that it evokes, and the story that it tells of Pilgrim’s journey through his life, including the key moment when God sets "Christian" free from the burden of his past mistakes and wrongs, forgives him and sets him free at the cross to travel on towards The Celestial City. This is a beautiful allegory and you can truly immerse yourself within the story - everything that a good concept album should do! Finally, this album cover features the beautiful 18th Century colour map of Pilgrim’s journey, which in itself is a wonderful piece of art.

"The Bible" - Sixth solo album [posted 8th/04/18]

My sixth solo album "The Bible" was released on 30th April 2018.

"The Bible" album is available to buy from from White Knight Records, from CD Baby and ITunes (for MP3 downloads), from Spotify, or direct from me, (but please note that I personally cannot accept credit card orders). If you are a dealer then you can order the album direct from White Knight Records.

Peter Gee - The Bible (2018)
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"The Bible" catalogue number PGCD007, is my sixth solo album release (or seventh if you include the gospel album "The Life Of God In The Soul Of Man"), and my third album release with worldwide distribution company White Knight Records.

"The Bible" is my first full blown concept album and the most ambitious work that I have ever written, over a total of 69 minutes, and showcases the amazing vocal talents of Josh Brown, Becky Brannigan and Hayley Oliver, with regular Steve Christey (Jadis) on drums. The album also features the beautiful instrumental playing of Rhiannon Davies on violin and Daniel Bristow on trumpet.

This is an album that I have wanted to make for the whole of my life, and this project has now been realised, through the three key elements of: the music, produced by myself and Rob Aubrey (producer of Big Big Train and IQ), the wonderful narration by John Taylor, and the stunning cover illustration by Simon Williams (who painted the covers for "The Masquerade Overture", "The Window Of Life" and "The World" albums by Pendragon). This album is the 66 books of the Bible told through rock music and narration, and includes many of the main characters contained within the scriptures.

"The Bible" contains a stunning array of musical styles from the progressive "Revelation", "The Kingdom Of God" and "The Prophets" to rock anthems "The Fall" and "The Law", from the haunting female vocal pieces "Adam And Eve" and "The Gospel" to the acoustic "Samson And Delilah" and "Exodus", from instrumentals "Jacob’s Ladder" and "Walls Of Jericho", to the groove based "Crossing The Sea" and "Spirit", and yet the whole album has a wonderful power and unity to it.

The full track listing is:

1. Creation
2. Adam And Eve
3. The Fall
4. The Flood
5. The Stars In The Sky
6. Jacob’s Ladder
7. The Dreamer
8. Exodus
9. Crossing The Sea
10. The Law
11. Walls Of Jericho
12. Samson And Delilah
13. Called In The Night
14. King Of Israel
15. David And Goliath
16. Wisdom
17. The Prophets
18. A Voice Crying Out
19. Daniel And The Lions’ Den
20. Prepare The Way Of The Lord
21. Saviour Of The World
22. The Kingdom Of God
23. The Cross
24. Resurrection Day
25. Spirit
26. The Road To Emmaus
27. The Gospel
28. Revelation

"The Bible" is a truly stunning and uplifting album, with some beautiful and soulful vocals, soaring guitar and piano melodies, gorgeous violin solos and wonderful performances throughout.

If you like Pendragon’s music, or if you just like good rock music, progressive structures and songs with melody and emotion, then you will love this album! This is an album that that you can really enter into the world that it evokes, and the story that it tells, and immerse yourself within it – everything that a good concept album should do! Personally, I would buy it on the strength of Simon William’s breath taking cover alone!
Peter Gee’s compilation album "Songs From The Heart" [posted 7th/09/14]

Peter Gee - Songs From The Heart (2014)
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My solo compilation album entitled "Songs From The Heart" was released on 13th October 2014.

"Songs From The Heart" is a stunning double CD collection of what I consider to be 30 of the best solo songs that I have written from 1993 up to 2014. "Songs From The Heart" spans over a twenty year period from 1993 to 2014 and features songs from all of my 5 solo mainstream albums up to 2014.

So why a compilation album now? Well after releasing 3 albums in 6 years (from 2008 to 2013) - make that 4 albums if you include my gospel album "The Life Of God In The Soul Of Man") - I felt that it was a good time to consolidate all of the solo music that I had produced so far. "Songs From The Heart" is a very strong album in its own right and provides a great record of the past work that I have done.

Should I buy "Songs From The Heart" if I already own all of your solo albums? Well that depends on you as an individual. Whilst there are no new songs on "Songs From The Heart", all of the songs from my first three albums have been remastered, plus some songs have been edited to make the whole album flow that much better, and one song "Beautiful To Me" has been remixed. This is definitely a collectors album, and so not everyone may want to buy it, but I personally would buy this album for the artwork alone, before you even get to the music!

"Songs From The Heart" features the stunning artwork of renowned illustator Simon Williams. Simon Williams is the artist who did all of those stunning Pendragon album covers from "The World" in 1990 right through to the "Believe" album in 2005. The cover of "Songs From The Heart" is simply stunning and really beautiful and I am so pleased with the final look of the album.

Inside the booklet is a list of all 30 of the songs on the album and the musicians who played on every song. To me as a musician myself, I love reading booklet notes and knowing which of my favourite musicians played on each song. Also included within the booklet is a biography of my solo career and and an overview of my years with Pendragon by my good friend Didier Pemice.

Finally, there is a photo gallery in the booklet that documents pictures of me, plus photographs of some of the memorable live concerts that I have played over the years with Pendragon.

"Songs From The Heart" was mastered in June 2014 by Rob Aubrey at Aubitt Studios in Southampton.

Peter Gee at Bospop
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The full track listing is:

Volume 1

Arabia, Gloria, Forever, You Gave Me Life, Romance, Dancer, When The Flood Comes, I Want Out, Unspoken Words, Jordan, The Flame, Water's Edge, Into Light, I Believe In Love, Take Me Home.

Volume 2

Sunset Boulevard, Walking By Night, A Divided Heart, The Lady In My Life, One Summer's Day, You Bring The Rain, Return To Life, Faith, Beautiful To Me, Paris, Falling Snow, When Heaven Touches Earth, Soul Cry, My Angel, The Everlasting Arms.

As usual, this album is available to buy from White Knight Records, from the Pendragon online store, or direct from me.

"Songs From The Heart" is a beautiful, powerful and uplifting compilation album, with strong melodies and vocals from the heart and soul, soaring guitar and piano playing throughout.

This album is a stunning and beautiful collection of the very best of my solo songs up to 2014.

Peter Gee in Holland
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Pendragon 40th Anniversary News [posted 8th/04/18]

Nick Barrett is currently writing what will be the eleventh Pendragon studio album, and the follow up to their 2014 "Men Who Climb Mountains" album! This much anticipated new Pendragon studio album could be released in 2019, though no official release date has yet been set, please see the Pendragon website for full details and news updates

This eleventh studio album will also be the first album to feature new drummer Jean-Vincent Velasco.

However, 2018 sees Pendragon celebrate their 40th Anniversary (1978-2018) with a series of shows in November 2018, which will feature a handpicked list of songs from across their 40 year history. Pendragon have also been invited to play at the prestigious “Cruise To The Edge” event in the Caribbean from 4th to 9th February 2019.

Please see the Pendragon website for full details and news updates

Pendragon (2017)
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"Paris" - Fifth solo album! [posted 14th/10/13, updated 7th/09/14]

My fifth solo album entitled "Paris" catalogue number PGCD005 was released on 4th November 2013.

Peter Gee - Paris (2013)
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"Paris" has 15 tracks on it in total, 12 songs and 3 intrumentals. The album was written in 2011-2012, recorded in 2012-2013 at Aubbit Studios, Southampton and at my home in Stroud in Gloucestershire, and mixed in the spring of 2013 at Aubitt Studios. "Paris" was once again recorded and produced by myself and Rob Aubrey with some extra editing done by studio assisstant Joe.

"Paris" features six musicians, and I am thrilled to have vocalist Paul Wilson (brother of Damian) back to sing for one song on this album (Paul sang the vocals on my first solo album "Heart Of David"some twenty years ago, so this is something of a full circle experience for us both, plus it is the first time that I am aware that Damian and Paul have both sung on the same album?). Damian Wilson returns to sing two songs, and then the rest of the vocals are done by my regular vocalist Steve Thorne, who once again has done an amazing job of breathing heart, soul and new life into my songs. Also returning is Steve Christey on drums and Hayley Oliver on backing vocals, both of whom have made fantastic contributions to this album.

"Paris" features some of the strongest songs that I feel I have ever written, and once again the album contains a lot of different styles and textures, from the progressive "Summer Love" to the rock anthem that is "Rock n Roll", from the acoustic "Romance" to the groove based songs "Dancer" and "Soul Cry", from the powerful "Into Light" to the epic. "When Heaven Touches Earth" and the beautiful title track "Paris".

I think that there is truly something on this album for almost everyone who loves music.

Paris Skyline
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The full track listing on the album is - La Ville Des Amoureux, Rock n Roll, The Flame, A Divided Heart, Narnia, Dancer, The Fight, Renaissance, Summer Love, Romance, Paris, When Heaven Touches Earth, Into Light, Soul Cry, Take Me Home.

I know that I am obviously biased, but I feel that "Paris" is a beautiful, powerful and uplifting album, with strong melodies, vocals from the heart and soul, and soaring guitar and piano playing throughout.

Here's a taste of "Paris" with the track "Dancer"

And here is the track "Rock 'n' roll"

If you are a dealer then you can order copies of the "Paris" album from White Knight Records, whose contact information is below.

If you are a consumer or member of the public then you can either buy a copy of the "Paris" album from White Knight Records or email or from the Pendragon online store or for Francophone people from Built by France or direct from me, please see contact information below on this webpage (but please note that I personally cannot accept credit card orders).

Thank you all for your continued support and let me know what you think of my new "Paris" album. I am on Facebook and also on Twitter.

Eiffel Tower
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"East Of Eden" - Fourth solo album [posted 17th/03/11, updated 18th/11/12]

Blue marble globe East
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My fourth solo album is called East Of Eden and it was released in 2011. It is available to buy now through White Knight Records and also through the Pendragon online store at

Also you can buy any of my albums directly from me if you want to - full details and prices are at the bottom of this homepage/news page. The other details about the "East Of Eden" release are below:

Release date - 25th March 2011

Catalogue number - PGCD004

Label (is my own label) - Roberts-Lutley

Track Listing - Radio, Arabia, Falling Star, I Want Out, Sundays At Woodside, Why?, Hear Our Cry, Gone, Spread Your Wings, One Day We'll Meet Again, Emma, Hendrix, Blue Skies, Eyes Of A Child, The Wonder Of You, Stradivarius, Andrea, Beautiful To Me, The Ends Of The Earth, Belinda.

The working title for this album had been "Broken", but I preferred the final title "East Of Eden" (although it is not totally original - there is a 1970’s prog rock band called East Of Eden, and at least one other artist has also done an album with this title before) and it goes really well with the album cover, which is that stunning NASA photo of the earth taken by the Apollo 17 mission (again several other people have used this as an album cover before, but it is such a beautiful picture that I just had to use it!).

The songs for this album were all written roughly between 1998 through to about 2003, at the same time as the songs for "The Spiritual World" were written. I had written about 40 songs and instrumentals, which have been divided equally into two albums "The Spiritual World" and now "East Of Eden". The songs on East Of Eden are quite diverse in subject matter, but the over riding theme of this album is the world in which we live and the contrast between good and evil, the beauty and the brokenness. Many people would say well how can there be a God when there is so much evil and suffering in this world? But my response would be that the very existence of forces of good and evil point towards a divine power of goodness and a spiritual force of evil (let alone all of the other evidence available to us!). Anyway, as with all of my albums, I leave you all to make up your own minds and come to your own conclusions! Or just simply enjoy the music (hopefully)!

I have been very blessed once again to have some great musicians on this album - Steve Christey (Jadis) played the drums for me on this album (this is now Steve's third album for me) and as usual there is some great feel playing and very tasteful fills and hi-hat/cymbal work on there. Vocals on this album were shared fifty/fifty between Steve Thorne (Solo Artist & Jadis) and Damian Wilson (Rick Wakeman, Threshold and Damian Wilson Band). I have always felt that Steve and I are very much in tune in terms of his vocal style, the sound of his voice and his amazing vocal harmony arrangements (although the melody lines that I write are sometimes a bit low for his vocal range!). Steve always brings so much to my albums and I am really honoured to have him sing on this album again.

As for Damian Wilson, I have always been a great fan of his singing, but never had the opportunity before to work with him. But it feels like a piece of history has now been completed, in that Damian's younger brother Paul Wilson sang the vocals on my first album, "Heart Of David", and to now have both brothers on my albums is a real honour. I am especially grateful to Damian for the fantastic vocals, for all that he brings to this album and for his willingness to do the recording at what was a very difficult family time for him. Finally, backing vocals on two tracks are done by one of my friends from Gloucestershire, Hayley Oliver (who also sang on my gospel album, released last year). The album was mixed once again by Rob Aubrey, who did such a great job of mixing "The Spiritual World" and Rob and I co-produced the album, from the mix stage onwards.

Moon Earth

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Gospel Music Album - "The Life Of God In The Soul Of Man" [posted 11th/12/09, updated 17th/03/11]

Northern Lights
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My second Gospel / Christian Worship music album was released on 4th January 2010.The album is called, "The Life Of God In The Soul Of Man" (thought I'd go for a long album title thistime, as other people seem to do this from time to time!).

Catologue number: PGCDW002

Label: Roberts-Lutley

The track listing is as follows: Love From Heaven Came Down, Father, Your Love, Christ Is Risen, I Will Go Up, Be Glorified, Emmanuel, Thank You, King Of Love, Glory To God, You Are The Lord, Reign On High, High And Exalted One.

Please note however, that firstly this is a Christian worship album and so the lyrics contain explicit Christian content and message and are the sort of music that you would tend to hear in a modern church - modern hymns, if you like - and secondly, please note that if you are expecting an album like either 'Pendragon' music in style, or like "Heart Of David", "A Vision Of Angels" or "The Spiritual World", then you may well be disappointed.

The style of music on this album is very much more in the form of simple songs with straight forward verses and choruses and with not many guitar solos or instrumental passages. All of the songs are acoustic guitar or piano based in style, with layered keyboards, drums, bass, some electric guitars and lots of vocals!

Oh and the final 'disclaimer' I need to say is that I am doing the lead vocals on this album (and I have never ever claimed to be a lead singer!). So if that lot still doesn't put you off, then you may well enjoy at least some of this album!

I started writing the songs for this album actually around the same time as I wrote the songs for "A Vision Of Angels", so songs like "Your Love", "Glory To God", "You Are The Lord" and "Reign On High" date back to at least the mid 1990s! Then songs like "Be Glorified", "Emmanuel", "Thank You" and "High And Exalted One" were the last songs to be written in the 2000s, with the other songs dating from around the late 90s! But the earliest songs I had actually started recording on old ADAT tapes (digital video tapes) before they became obsolete when Pro Tools came in (hard disc recording straight onto your Mac or PC), and so I had to get Karl Groom to transfer all of the ADAT tracks across to Pro Tools for me. I only got Pro Tools in 2004, so I have been catching up ever since by releasing "The Spiritual World" and now "The Life Of God In The Soul Of Man" - both albums had been started way before I finally got Pro Tools!

Mount Everest
Click on picture to enlarge

Anyway, for quite a low budget album, which is what "The Life Of God In The Soul Of Man" is, I am very pleased with the finished result. Also, the 'feel' and 'vibe' on all of the songs is really good I think. The main aim of this album for me, was for the music to be uplifting and to soar in places - to lift people up, and to get them to think about God and to thank and praise Him - and I hope that it achieves this effect? You will have to let me know what you all think?

In terms of the personnel on this album, there are only actually 3 musicians on this album, the least number of people I have ever used on an album before. The stars of the album for me are two of my good friends from my local church: Hayley Oliver - a professionally trained soprano singer, who has a really beautiful and pure female voice, and Jez Yates-Round, who sang the male harmony vocals, and who helped me to arrange many of the harmony parts. Both Hayley and Jez have really great voices which brings a real depth and choral effect to the overall vocal sound, and I am very grateful to them both for the amount of hours which they put in laying all of the harmony tracks down. I then did all of the other instruments myself on this album and also the lead vocals too.

Just for the record, my very first gospel album was called Calvary and was released in 1991 on casette only. It was very bad quality as it was all recorded on a 4 track Teac Portastudio, which recorded straight onto cassette tape, and so I had to do several bounces on each song before I could mix them in order to get all of the parts down. It also features some very quiet and trebley lead vocals by myself with some dodgy tuning in places! But despite all of that, I am still very pleased with the finshed product. Perhaps one day, if there is any demand for it, I might try and raise the money to re-release it on CD?
The Spiritual World [posted 18th/10/08, updated 17th/03/11]

My third solo album "The Spiritual World" was released on Friday 3rd October 2008. This album is still available to buy, either direct from White Knight Records, from myself or via the Pendragon online store at

Catologue number: PGCD003

Label: Roberts-Lutley

The Spiritual World is probably the album that I am most pleased with to date and it features amazing vocals from Steve Thorne and great drums by Steve Christey, as well as vocals from Simon Clew on one song. This album was produced by Rob Aubrey and myself.

The full track listing is: Eternity, Polish Beauty, Gloria In Excelsis, You Gave Me Life, Canaletto, When The Flood Comes, The Lady In My Life, Overwhelmed By Mercy, Return To Life, Angel Falls, One Summer's Day, Sunset Boulevard, Falling Snow, A Matter Of The Heart, Fly To Paradise, Alison, My Angel.

Steve Thorne has brought so much to the album, through his vocals and backing vocal arrangements, and the passion and heart and soul that he puts into every song. Steve really is a very talented vocalist and singer songwriter who is very much underrated in my humble opinion, and should be a lot more High profile than he already is!

For those of you who are not sure who Steve Thorne is, then he is the guy who supported Pendragon with Gary Chandler on the "Believe Tour" in 2006.

I am just so pleased and thrilled that after such a long wait, 10 years plus, since my last album, "A Vision Of Angels" that "The Spiritual World" is finally going to be released, and I am so happy with the final result.

The other major change to the album is that it was mixed by Rob Aubrey (also the Pendragon live sound engineer for the last 15 years) and not Karl Groom. Due to Karl's commitments with metal band, "Dragon Force" he was unable to give me the time to mix the album, so Rob stepped in, and I am really pleased with the finished result.

The final change is that, due to the length of the album 3 tracks didn't make the final selection, but I hope to use these bonus tracks at some stage in the future.

So the final track listing is:

Eternity, Polish Beauty, Gloria In Excelsis, You Gave Me Life, Canaletto, When The Flood Comes, The Lady In My Life, Overwhelmed By Mercy, Return To Life, Angel Falls, One Summer's Day, Sunset Boulevard, Falling Snow, A Matter Of The Heart, Fly To Paradise, Alison, My Angel.
Please do let me know your comments on the album, either positive or negative, to:

A Vision Of Angels [posted 17th/03/11]

Peter Gee - A Vision of Angels
Click on picture to enlarge

My second solo album, "A Vision Of Angels" is still available to buy, either direct from myself or via the Pendragon online store at

A Vision Of Angels was released in the spring of 1997 and featured Simon Clew on vocals, Ian Salmon on guitars, Tina Riley on backing vocals and Steve Christey on drums. Both Heart Of David and A Vision Of Angels are also the only two of my albums that contain cover paintings done by myself.

The full track listing is: Always, Heart's Desire, Lost And Found, Faith, Never Could Say Goodbye, Orphans, Foreign Land, Jordan, I Believe In Love.

Announcing The Re-release Of My First Album, "Heart Of David" [posted 3rd/05/09, updated 17th/03/11]

I am very pleased to announce that my first solo album "Heart Of David" (or "HOD"as we affectionately call it!) was re-released due to popular demand in the spring of 2009.

Catologue number: PGCD001

Label: Roberts-Lutley

Peter Gee - Heart Of David
Click on picture to enlarge

As it was a re-release I did consider going down the road of adding bonus tracks to the album, but decided against it in the end as I'm one of those old fashioned kind of people who likes to keep the integrity of an album in tact and just present the original finished statement, rather than tag on inappropriate material at the end which really doesn't fit in with the overall "flow" of the album. So big appologies to those of you who bought HOD the first time round - asmusically this album is the same as before, and I have also kept the artwork true to the original version too.

Heart of David was first released in 1993 by a Dutch label called "SI Music" which was run by a good friend of Pendragon called Willebrod Elsing. Unfortunately in 1996 SI Music went out of business and sold the label over to Roadrunner. Clive and I then spent a few months negotiating with Roadrunner who eventually agreed to return the masters artwork and rights to the albums that Clive and I had done on SI Music. Clive then went on to re-release all of his albums again, but unfortunately it is only now, after over 12 years of the album having been deleted, that I have finally been in a postion to re-release it.

I know that I am very biased in this respect, but HOD still sounds really good to me, and still really relevant to today. HOD has some really great performances on it - notably from Nick, Clive, Nigel Harris, Fudge Smith, Richard West, Paul Wilson, Tracey Hitchings, Steve Weeks and the Kensington Temple Gospel Choir. My own personal favourite tracks remain "Water's Edge", "Unspoken Words", "Forever" and "Crying On The Inside".

The full track listing is: Angel Song, Walking By Night, You bring The Rain, Unspoken Words, Forever, Crying On The Inside, Heart Of David, The Enemy Within, On Broken Wings, Water's Edge, Beyond Ourselves, Kingdom Come, Voices In The Dark, The Everlasting Arms.

People often ask me what the songs on Heart Of David are all about. So here is a very quick summary:

Angel Song is just meant to be an uplifting instrumental with the voice of an angel, Tracy Hitchings on it!

Walking By Night is about just how much evil is in this world and how at times it feels like it is getting out of control, but it reminds us that God is ultimately in control and even if there is no justice in this world, the Christian hope is that there will be justice for everyone in eternity.

You Bring The Rain draws a parallel between physical rain, which we all need to survive, and especially those drought ridden countires in Africa, and also spiritual rain, which comes through God's presence, or His Holy Spirit - and we don't just need physical rain to survive, but we all also need spiritual rain too.

Unspoken Words is all about the maze that growing up as a teenager is, and trying to find your way and your own place in life - especially growing up as a very shy person like myself, when often it is hard to get the words out which you so badly want to say from inside of yourself.

Forever is simply saying that we were all created as eternal beings, and though our physical bodies will eventually wear out and die, yet we will all live on forever - and it then depends on whether we trust in God to carry us safely home, or continue to trust in our own resources when we die.

Crying On The Inside is about the masks that we all wear as people, and often people ask us, "are you okay?" and we always say "yes", when often we are crying on the inside or lost or broken - but our fear of getting more hurt and our pride stop us from being totally honest, and so we continue to put a brave face on everything.

Heart Of David is about a man in the Bible called King David, who God referred to as "A man after my own heart" for "Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart". David tried to serve God with all of his heart and this is probably the greatest standard in this lifetime for any human being to try and emulate.

The Enemy Within is about the ongoing human struggle to try and do the right thing - and sometimes we get it right and many times we make the wrong choices and give in to our own temptations, whatever they may be - and so there is this constant struggle between good and evil raging within us.

On Broken Wings is about all those who have fought in wars - but especially refers to my grandfather on my father's side who was in a Japanese prisoner of war camp and lost one leg there, and also my friend's father, who suffered much in his memories for years because of his wartime experiences.

Water's Edge is a modern version of the 23rd Psalm "The Lord is my Shepherd".

Beyond Ourselves is all about the search of many young men and women for fame and fortune and the false expectation that these things will bring lasting happiness - which they don't - and in fact it is something spiritual and much deeper that we all need, God's love.

Kingdom Come then goes on to talk about what God's love is like.

Voices In The Dark is all about schizophrenia and all those who suffer mental illness of any kind, and some of my own experiences of visiting patients in the old style Victorian mental health assylums from several years ago.

Finally The Everlasting Arms is about Heaven and the Christian hope of life after death - that because Christ is risen from the dead, so also will each of us live on and receive a new spiritual body that will then last forever.
Peter Gee Distribution Deal! [posted 16th/07/11, updated 18th/11/12]

Peter would like to announce that as from 1st July 2011, he has signed the worldwide wholesale dealer distribution for all of his 4 solo albums and 1 gospel album over to White Knight Records!

This does not affect mail order CD sales through this website direct to consumers/fans - you can still order any of the CDs to buy through this website. But if you are a professional dealer or wholesaler then you need to make any future dealer orders through White Knight Records at the following address:

WhiteKnight Records Ltd
Groesfaen House
Mid Glam
CF72 8NJ

Tel: 02920 891565
6 previously unrealeased Peter Gee compositions and 1 cover song [posted 2nd/07/11 - updated 16th/07/11]

Announcing the release of 6 previously unreleased Peter Gee compositions and 1 cover song, now available to hear as free MP3 files through this webpage.

6 tracks are bonus tracks from the Spiritual World, East Of Eden and Life Of God albums. "The Lord Is My Strength" was originally written by a song writer called Frank Gallian.

Waterline (2011) [4:03]  
Prayer for the Millenium (2011) [2:57]  
Valley of the Shadow (1997) [4:32]  
The Lord is my Strength (2008) [3:44]  
By the Cross (2009) [1:55]  
God of Mercy (2009) [4:56]  
Dancing in the Rain (1997) [5:01]  
CD Prices [posted 17th/03/11]

All of my solo albums mentioned on this site - Heart Of David, A Vision Of Angels, The Spiritual World, East Of Eden, The Life Of God In The Soul Of Man, Paris The Bible and Pilgrim - are all available to buy from me direct. Please note that I cannot accept credit card payments (so please pay by cheque or cash or postal order etc). If you want to pay by credit card then please order my albums from White Knight Records.

All album prices include postage and packing and they are:

£10 for UK, EEC £11, ROW £12

Contact details are:

Post - 15 Bourne Lane, Brimscombe, Stroud, Glos. GL5 2RP, UK.

Email -

Website -
My trip to Israel in August 2009 [posted 11th/12/09, updated 17th/03/11]

Peter Gee - Galilee
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I just have to tell you about my trip of a lifetime in August 2009, when I got to fulfill my life long ambition to visit Israel, or the Holy Land, as it is often called.

If you could choose only one place on earth that you would most like to visit and to experience before you died, then I wonder what you would choose? Many people would probably choose Ibiza, the Carribean, Paris, Rome or Hawaii maybe?? But for me, the one place on earth I most wanted to visit for all of my life has been Israel, because this is the place where God's Son walked upon this earth as a man, two thousand years ago, as recorded in the Bible.

To actually walk where Jesus walked and to visit the places where he performed great miracles and see where he died and rose again to conquor death, and to read those Bible accounts whilst actually being at those locations where those events really did take place, was for me, simply mind blowing!!! In fact for me it wasn't just a holiday or a pilgrimage, it was quite simply, a life changing experience.

I went to Israel for 10 days, between 17th and 27th August 2009. The itinerary of my trip was a follows:

Day 1 - Fight from London to Tel Aviv and then transfer to Tiberius on the Sea of Galilee.

Day 2 - A boat trip across the Sea of Galilee (where Jesus walked on the water and calmed the storm), a visit to Capernaum (where Jesus lived after he left Nazareth), a visit to Tabgha (where Jesus appeared on the lakeshore after his resurrection) and a visit to the Mount of the Beatitudes (the site of the Sermon of the Mount).

Day 3 - A visit to Kursi (where Jesus cast the demons out of Legion), a visit to Bethsaida (where Jesus fed the 5,000 and they lowered the paralytic down through the roof where he was healed), a visit a 1st Century Jewish village and to the Golan Heights.

Day 4 - A visit to Nazareth (the site of the home where the angel appeared to Mary, and where Jesus grew up), a visit to Cana (where Jesus turned the water into wine), then Mount Tabor (where Jesus' transfiguration happened) and the plain of Armageddon (where the final human battle will happen, and the title of an old Pendragon song!), and finally to the River Jordan (where Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist, and I re-newed my baptism vows there in the river!).

Day 5 - We drove south down the Jordan valley to Masada (an ancient Jewish fortress), a visit to the Oasis of En Gedi (where King David hid from Saul), then on to Qumran (where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947), and finally for a float in the Dead Sea itself (the lowest place on earth at 14,000 feet below sea level).

Day 6 - We stayed in Bethlehem and visited the Church of the Nativity (where Jesus was born) and the Shepherd's Field (where the angel Gabriel appeared to the shepherds).

Day 7 - On the Sunday morning we went to Christchurch in Jerusalem (which was very powerful to worship in the place where Jesus lived and died) and then visited Herodian (a palace built by Herod the Great).

Day 8 - We walked down the Mount of Olives (the route of Jesus on Palm Sunday), saw the Chuch at Dominus Flevit (the place where Jesus wept over the city of Jerusalem), and then went to Mount Zion (south west of the old city walls) and to the City of David, and walked through Hezekiah's Tunnel (a tunnel built to bring water up into the city during a seige), and visited the Poll of Siloam (the old reservoir that fed the city of Jerusalem and where Jesus healed a blind man).

Peter Gee - Dome of Rock
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Day 9 - A visit to the Western Wall (or the 'Wailing Wall', one of the original walls of the Temple Mount, the rectangular platform on which the orignal Jewish Temple stood. The Western Wall is the nearest to the 'Holy of Holies', the most holy part of the temple, that the Jews can stil get today, and where they go to pray - and I got to stick my own prayer on a piece of paper into the Western Wall!), we then walked on top of the Temple Mount and visited the Dome of the Rock (this Muslim memorial stands on the exact site of where the original Jewish Temple stood, and directly beneath the golden dome is where the 'Capstone' or 'Foundation Stone' stands, which was the foundation stone of the orignal Jewish Temple and was situated in the 'Holy of Holies'. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter the Dome of the Rock since 2000), we then walked through the Jewish Western Wall Tunnels (which go underneath the Temple Mount itself), and a visit to the Pool of Bethesda (where Jesus healed the man crippled for 38 years), and finally we visited Ein Karim (where Mary visited Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist).

Day 10 - We visited a possible site for the Upper Room (where Jesus ate the Last Supper), then visited the Garden of Gethsemane (at the bottom of the Mount of Olives, where Jesus was arrested), walked across the Kidron Valley (where Jesus was taken by the soldiers), visited the site of the Antonia Fortress and the Stone Pavement (where Pilate's residence was, the solider's barracks, and the stone pavement where the judgement seat stood, where Pilate sentanced Jesus to death), then we walked on the Via Dolorosa (The Way of Sorrows, the 1 mile route from the Antonia Fortress to Golgotha where Jesus was crucified), ending up at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (this church marks the site of Jesus' death on the cross at Golgotha, probably a quarry by the side of the road, just outside of the city gate. It also marks the site of where Jesus was buried in the tomb, and where Jesus rose from the dead after 3 days, just as he had prophesied that he would), and we then visited Gordan's Calvary and teh garden Tomb (an alternative site for the crucifixion and resurrection, but without any real histroical or archaeological evidence for this site), and then finally we saw the Dome of the Ascension at the top of the Mount of Olives (which marks the site of Jesus' ascension alive back to Heaven).

Day 11 - A visit to the Holocaust Memorial Museum at Yad Vashem, just outside of Jerusalem, and then we drove back to Tel Aviv for our flight home to the UK.

On the 3 photos from Israel of my trip you can see firstly, me paddling in the water in the Sea of Galilee, secondly, me standing outside the Dome of the Rock on top of the Temple Mount, and thirdly, me standing on the Mount of Olives.

Quite simply, I would say to everyone, that if there is one place on earth that I would reccommend that you go to before you die, then take my advice, go to Jerusalem. There is something really very special and very spiritual about that city and that place, and indeed about the whole of Israel, including being by the Sea of Galilee, that is impossible to put into words. If just made me feel closer to God, because I had walked and been where His Son had walked, and it is like the fragrance of Jesus is still there in a very powerful way (although obviously all of us can know God's presence and His Spirit in our hearts, where ever we are living in this world!). For me personally, just to stand on the Mount of Olives, overlooking the city of Jersulem, which was the one place on earth that I had most wanted to be, and to walk beside the Sea of Galilee and to paddle in it, where all of those miracles took place, was absolutely life changing! It was awesome, incredible and impossible to properly put into words! Anyway, you get the picture... I enjoyed it a lot!!! So please do go, if you ever get the chance!

Peter Gee on Mount of Olives

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Life And Death - Part 1, Finding The Truth
Buy My Books Now! [posted 14th/05/08]

I am very pleased to announce the publication of my first two books. They are now printed and ready for sale. You can buy them now through this web page. Originally I wrote just one long book, with twenty chapters - but it would have become too thick, so I have divided it into two books (two parts of an epic - very prog I think!). The books are called - Life And Death - Part 1, Finding The Truth, and Life And Death - Part 2, Finding Answers To The Questions Of Our Times
As the titles suggest, they are books about the spiritual side of life, and about my life and experiences in this whole area. I don't expect people to agree with everything, or indeed anything, that I have written - but if nothing else, they will be good to fuel those late night kind of discussions that I'm sure we've all had, about what is the meaning of life! And failing all else they will make good doorstops or paper weights - or that difficult Christmas present for the mother-in-law! Anyway, if you feel you would like to buy one or both of my books, then I thank you for your interest and let me know what you think of them - either good or bad - as I would value your comments!

LIFE AND DEATH - PART 1, FINDING THE TRUTH........................................................................£5

Each book costs £10 plus add p. & p.


Postage & packaging (for 1 book).............................................................UK £3....EEC £5....ROW £8
Postage & packaging (for 2 books).........................................................UK £5....EEC £8....ROW £13

You can pay by (UK) sending cash, cheque or postal order - or (EEC and ROW) by Euros, US dollars, or by international money orders. Unfortunately Peter is currently unable to accept payments by credit card. (I apologise for the high costs of postage, but books are a lot heavier to post than CDs - sorry about that).

Please make all payments payable to 'Peter Gee'.

To order a book, please email Peter at: or write to Peter at: 15 Bourne Lane, Brimscombe, Stroud, Glos. GL5 2RP, UK.

You can now also buy both of my books (still through me) at
Life And Death - Part 2, Finding Answers To The Questions Of Our Times

Thank You! [posted 8th/04/18]

Finally just wanted to say a big thank you once again to all of our Pendragon friends and supporters all over the world. Thank you all so very much, we simply wouldn't still be here without your support, encouragement and your buying the albums in a modern age where many people try and get music for free - which threatens to put artists out of business!

A big thank you too to all of you who have bought one or all of my solo albums - thank you for all of your support over the years, it means so much to me.

2015 to 2017 were two and a half busy years with the writing and recording, followed by the mixing and mastering in November 2017, of my new solo album 'The Bible.’ Simon Williams then completed the stunning cover illustration for ‘The Bible’ album in December 2017.

2018 will see the release of my new solo album ‘The Bible’ in April, and Pendragon 40th Anniversary shows in November 2018.

I am just so grateful, that after 40 years of writing and recording music and playing live concerts, I am still able to continue to do this amazing thing that is music, and thank you to all of you for continuing to make this possible through your wonderful support! I look forward to seeing you all again in November 2018, at the next live shows with Pendragon.

My God bless you and all of your loved ones and may you continue to put your trust in Him and place yourself under His love, protection and safe keeping throughout 2018!

Peter Gee

Pendragon at Loreley
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