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Are exclusively released to this site, the lyrics to one of Peter's new songs - this is the closest that Peter will ever get to a Christmas single! - to be on his forthcoming third solo album - click here.

For more lyrics from Peter Gee's releases, click there.

Falling Snow
(from Peter's
forthcoming third solo album)

See the flakes of falling snow
Covering the leaves below
The childhood friends that we once knew
Wherever did our dreams go?

Lights shining on the Christmas tree
Stockings hung up, the presents beneath
Sledging across those fields of white
The blazing fires and the snowball fights

And then, and then
We'll be driving home for Christmas

The stars shine bright above the earth
The wonder of the Saviour's birth
Excited children, filled with delight
I'd treasure this faith for all my life

So many years have now gone by
Seems there's nothing to show for all this time
But broken dreams and lonely days
Wherever did we lose our way?

And then, and then
You come and wash our guilt and sins away
You bring the snow

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A Vision if Angels [1997]

lyrics of Always
lyrics of I Believe in Love

(from "A Vision of Angels")

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Though the shadows grow tall
And kingdoms they rise and fall
Still your love is without end
Of open hearts so strong to save
Your mercies new for everyday
How great is your faithfulness

You're with me always
Stay with me always

Though evil tears life apart
Still you bring heaven into my heart
A new song you cause me to sing
In the darkness of the night
You take my hand towards the light
And never leave me for all my days

You're with me always
Stay with me always

(Matthew 28.20, Lamentations 3.21-23)

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I Believe in Love
(from "A Vision of Angels")

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Thanks for the memories
I hold them in my heart
For all the times we've shared
How I loved you from the start
From the day that we first met
You took my breath away
Yes, I believe in love

Like a vision of angels
You fill my hopes and dreams
You are the most beautiful girl
That I have ever seen
When you smile, you shine so bright
Your hair, like golden sun
Yes, I believe in love

So many times
Some things we wish with all our hearts
Did life bring us together too late?
Now it's tearing me apart
And all the times I felt
You're too good for someone like me
Your beauty was forbidden for me

I will always love you

A perfect love
Given for the world
A cross of sacrifice
Bought forgiveness for us all
And if there's a kingdom
Where our hopes and dreams come true
I pray I'd be there with you

Thanks for the memories
You are a best friend to me
Your beauty amazes me
Yes, I believe in love
I will always love you
I still believe in love

(Song of songs 8.7, 1 John 4.10)

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