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His third solo album - click here

The gospel album: "Your Love" - click there

Peter has released 2 official solo albums: Heart of David in 1993 and A Vision of Angels in 1997.

third solo album

Peter currently has 40 songs and instrumentals already part recorded. These will eventually make up 2 seperate CD albums - approximately 65 minutes of music on each CD. So far, all the keyboards and drums have been recorded - with Steve Christey from "Jadis" again playing all of the drumming parts. Peter is hoping to start work on recording the bass parts very soon. There is no official title for the album yet, but Peter says he already has a potential title in mind, and that he will let people know as soon as the recording is nearer to release.

However, Peter says that he has already written all the song titles and the lyrics for the album. Titles so far are, in no particular order:

"My Angel", "Fly to Paradise", "You Gave Me Life", "A Matter Of The Heart", "Sunset Boulevard", "Falling Snow" [lyrics of this song are available here], "One Summer's Day", "Angel Falls", "The Lady In My Life", "Canaletto", "Return To Life", "When The Flood Comes", "Eternity", "Overwhelmed By Mercy", "Gloria In Excelsis", "One Day We'll Meet Again".

Peter says that all those who enjoyed the "Heart Of David" and "A Vision Of Angels" albums, should also really enjoy his third album - which again combines good songs and melodies with strong instrumental passages. up backward

The gospel album: "Your Love"

Peter is also part way through recording an album of gospel and worship songs, which will be called "Your Love". Song titles for this album are:

"Your Love", "Glory To God", "Father", "By The Cross", "Your Are The Lord", "I Will Go Up", "God Of Mercy", "Holy Your Name", "You Reign On High", "Christ Is Risen", "Dancing In The Rain".

It is not clear yet whether this gospel album will be realeased on another label, or whether it will just be sold via mail order and the Pendragon website. Peter will get the finished mixes done first and then see if any companies are interested in releasing it. up backward

Heart of David - 1993

peter gee - heart of david - 1993
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a review of this album is to come

SI Music
SIMPly 36

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Track listing: Angel Song (2'55") - Walking By Night (4'30") - You Bring The Rain (6'20") - Unspoken Words (4'34") - Forever (3'39") - Crying On The Inside (6'28") - Heart Of David (2'11") - The Enemy Within (2'49") - On Broken Wings (4'44") - Water's Edge (6'18") - Beyond Ourselves (3'13") - Kingdome Come (2'26") - Voices In The Dark (5'09") - The Everlasting Arms (6'22")

Walking By Night | Voices In The Dark | The Everlasting Arms

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"Heart Of David" is currently deleted

"This album was my first official solo album, released in 1993 - although I had previously recorded severa lsongs on a 4 track portastudio - which have never been released – and a cassette album of Christian worship songs called "Calvary" in 1991. "Heart of David" was originally released on SI Music in Holland in 1993. It is currently deleted, although I am hoping to re-release it on Toff Records if I ever save up enough money to do this!! Below is some information about the songs: up

Angel Song

This was inspired by an advert on TV for a charity, with similar kind of soaring violins and cellos. My father always used to listen to classical music on Sunday afternoons, and from initially hating it, I grew to love classical music. This is a bow to that, and also the music expresses the idea of waves crashing against the shore from the cover painting of the sea. The angel bit, comes from the voice of Tracy Hitchings, and thinks about how wonderful the music in Heaven must be!

Walking By Night

This song lists some of the many problems in the world today, and comments that they stem from the evil and selfishness of mankind. But there is also an implication that there a deeper spiritual darkness and evil behind all the things that are bad in the world. We all need God - whether we realise it or not - because he is good and he brings light into the world. But as individuals, we have choices every day as to whether we follow the light or follow the dark. Many times humanity has lost its way, and often appears as a blind man, not knowing where he is going in his life and in the darkness.

You Bring The Rain

In the Bible, the image of water and of rain, is often used as a picture of the Spirit of God. This song is more like a traditional gospel song – hence the gospel choir on it - like a prayer to God to ask him to bring renewal and spiritual revival to a hungry and thirsty world. Without this spiritual water or rain, our lives remain barren, empty and ultimately meaningless.

Unspoken Words

A song which talks about trying to find yourself and your way through life, and the different experiences you have along the way - both good and bad - which help to shape your character and which help to mature you. And the conclusion which is reached at the end of the song is that ultimately material things do not bring happiness - but rather good relationships with God and with all people - especially those whom you love.


Another song which puts this short life in the perspective of eternity, and the importance of planning spiritually for your future. After all, eternity is for ever, which is far far longer than our short few years of our earthly lifetimes. up

Crying On The Inside

An instrumental which expresses without words that feeling of crying or mourning in your heart - whilst on the outside you are putting on a brave face - and appearing to all the world as if you are fine and everything's great. When in reality, it isn't.

Heart Of David

This song speaks about my personal desire to love and honour God in my life and is based on the example of David in the Bible, who was referred to as a man after God's own heart - because of his love for God and his commitment to him.

The Enemy Within

This instrumental, and Tracy's vocal expresses that ongoing struggle within each human heart and conscience between good and evil. We are all subject to various temptations - and because we are human, sometimes we choose evil over good - and then feel awful afterwards. Its about that whole battle in your heart when you want to do the right thing but end up doing the wrong thing.

On Broken Wings

A song about war, and the effect it can have on individual's lives. My grandfather suffered in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in Malaya during the Second World War - so it is partly about his experience - and partly about one of my school friend's fathers, who used to have nightmares about his war experiences. Then on a second, deeper level, the song refers to the struggle in the world between good and evil in human hearts, and between spiritual powers of good and evil at work in the world.

Water's Edge

This song is a modern and slightly personalised version of Psalm 23, the most famous of all the Psalms - "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want" etc etc. The idea that although he is unseen - to those with faith in him, God is always there, watching over you and taking care of you, all the days of your life - no matter what you have to go through. up

Beyond Ourselves

This is based on the title of a famous Christian book by Catherine Marshall by the same name. The song mentions the music business and trying to get rich and famous and chasing that elusive record deal - all things that us musicians have done in the past - but it reminds us that ultimately fulfilment, happiness and peace of heart and mind are the gifts of God to us - and that we have to acknowledge our own weaknesses, reach beyond ourselves and our own resources in order to find him.

Kingdom Come

A simple song about God's unconditional love for every person in the world - men, women and children. The one and only thing that ultimately we can ever really depend on is God's love. He will always be there. He will never fail us or let us down.

Voices In The Dark

The title is taken from a book of the same name about Schizophrenia. This is a subject very close to my own heart because, rightly or wrongly, one of my own family members was diagnosed with this illness, and has suffered from some kind of problem for many years now. Some of the lines are inspired by my own trips as a visitor to see this family member, and the old Victorian style mental asylums - and what used to go on there behind closed doors. Quite a dark song. But ultimately, as with all my songs, there is hope.

The Everlasting Arms

Of all of the songs I have written to date, this is one of the ones which I am the most proud of - especially the outro section of the music – which captures up the emotion which I wanted it to capture. The song was initially written as a tribute to Geoff Mann, the former singer with Twelfth Night - who died at the age of about 36 - leaving behind a wife and three children. Geoff was a Christian. And I wanted to put across the Christian belief and hope in, life after death. Yes, losing a loved one is devastating and heart breaking. We are never the same again afterwards. And life changes. But the Christian hope is based on factual events. Jesus died on the cross. In fact the reason he came to the world at all, was to die for our sins. But Jesus rose from the dead, and conquered the power of death itself. Faith enables us to live with God in Heaven forever, and to be reunited with our loved ones. Death is so unnatural for human beings. We weren't originally designed to die. That's why it seems so wrong, so unfair. But there is a purpose and a hope. This life is the preparation for eternity, and for eternal life." up

A Vision of Angels - 1997

peter gee - a vision of angels - 1997
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This CD opens with bird song followed by a piece of piano, subtly introducing "Always". The 9 songs of this album are full of emotions, melodies and Passion. Sometimes, we can be found listening to it reverently too. The warm and deep voice of Simon Clew (A Million Blues) has a sound a la Steve Hogarth (Marillion), Mark Hollis (Talk Talk) or Andy Latimer (Camel) too. Musically it can be said some flavours are from several musical horizons like A Million Blues, Marillion (with H.), early Genesis, Steely Dan, Pat Metheny, Pendragon and Camel without forgetting "Heart Of David", Peter's first solo album. Shivers are guaranteed under the charm of Tina Riley's backing vocals and the harrowing solos of Nick Barrett and Clive Nolan's keyboards (Peter's accomplices in Pendragon). All the songs are written by Peter Gee who plays not only fretless and fretted basses but keyboards and guitars too. He shows here another style and a complementary musical approach which is different to the one he uses in Pendragon. The difference between this CD and his first solo album is that a real band has rallied round him, with the musicians mentioned above, Steve Christey on drums (Jadis) and Ian Salmon on guitars (Shadowland/Arena). The result is magnificent and more emotional and sensitive too.

D. Pernice - 25th/02/03


Toff Records

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Track listing: Always (10'12") - Heart's Desire (6'43") - Lost And Found (6'13") - Faith (3'53") - Never Could Say Goodbye (5'09") - Orphans (All Alone In The World) (8'56") - Foreign Land (2'42") - Jordan (9'12") - I Believe In Love (3'53")

MP3 PRO: Always | Orphans | I Believe In Love

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"A Vision of Angels" costs 11 pounds retail in the UK, 12 for non UK. Click here to buy

"This is my second official solo album, recorded at Halfway Houses Studio, Maidenhead, released in 1997 on Toff Records. As with "Heart of David", I did the cover paintings myself.


A song which talks about faithfulness - the faithfulness of God. The idea that people can let you down, or reject, abandon, or leave you alone. But God never does that. He is the one constant factor you can rely on in an increasingly uncertain world. The lyric could also apply to a faithful human friend, partner, companion or soul mate. With hindsight, I would have made this into 3 different tracks. The opening piano instrumental as the first, the main song as the second, and the outro instrumental section as the third. But at the time I just stuck the 3 ideas together!

Heart's Desire

I found out later this was almost identical in title to a Camel song called "A Heart's Desire" - but there was no conscious effort to pinch this title. It just summed up what I was trying to say. This song is heavily influenced by "Trick of the Tail" and "Nursery Cryme" era Genesis - with the emphasis on the acoustic guitar dual picking parts. I had always wanted to do an acoustic picking based track like this with lots of nice chord inversions. Lyrically, its basically every child's dream - and it certainly was mine - to dream of growing up and one day meeting your prince or princess, get married, sail off into the sunset and live happily ever after! Sadly, real life doesn't usually work out like that - and we are brought down to earth with a great bump! But it is great to have hope and to dream as a child. Some dreams do after all, come true. It's about that truly special, one in a million person, whom most people only meet once in their lifetime. For some it really is the dream come true. For others, it never works out, and the perfect dream is forever broken.

Lost And Found

The underlying theme of the whole album is love - "A Vision of Angels" - referring to a wonderful, breathtaking and awe inspiring sight - like when Jesus' disciples went to his tomb on Easter morning and found that he had risen from the dead and were greeted by angels - or like when you fall in love at first sight, and it takes your breath away! This song asks aloud the question which everyone asks when they meet the love of their life, and then they lose that person, or are rejected by them - why??? Why was I ever allowed to meet them, if it was meant to go wrong? How could we be so close and then reject me? Why can't I be with the one person whom I truly love more than anyone else in this world? Why did this have to happen to me? The really cruel thing about finding and being with that one special person is that you have tasted the joy of being with your soul mate, and then it is taken away from you. You end up as a broken person. up


Although it is very simple, I am very proud of this song - especially the lyrics. They speak about putting your faith in God and in Jesus Christ, because ultimately there is no one else. We can trust in ourselves during this lifetime, but in terms of eternity, it is outside of our control. Better to trust in someone whom has power over death, than in any human figure. And I have found that Christ is real. And that he is completely trustworthy in everything. Ultimately , there is no one else.

Never Could Say Goodbye

I had always wanted to do a Steely Dan style track with a shuffle beat to it - like "Babylon Sisters". This song is my attempt at that type of groove. Again the theme is about losing someone you love, but never being able to really say goodbye - because you will always carry a part of that person inside your heart and your soul for the rest of your life. True love never dies. You could not see that person for years afterwards - but as soon as you meet again, you feel it in your heart - you just know straight away that you still love them as much, if not more than ever. You know that you will always love them with all your heart for the rest of your life. They are just so special and precious to you. They are always in your hopes and dreams and prayers.

Orphans (All Alone In The World)

I was originally going to call this instrumental "All Alone In The World", after a book my godmother gave me I think, of the same name. It was a book that told the stories of several orphans who had grown up to do great works for God, despite their lonely start in life - a book about overcoming the odds, despite pain and suffering. Musically, it is undoubtedly very much inspired by Camel - as I am sure many people have spotted!

Foreign Land

This was written as a replacement for 2 songs which were going to be on the album - but once we had started recording them, they didn't seem to fit in with the flow of the album any more. It began as just a simple idea on the keyboard, with a kind of celtic feel to it. Lyrically, it again questions the suffering and injustices in the world and asks the age old question, why?? Why do things have to go wrong? Why do we have to suffer? Why do we have to lose the person whom we love more than life itself? It finishes with the question, "Is there a place I'd belong, in this foreign land?" To which the answer from a Christian perspective would be, yes there is a place where you belong - but its often not in this world - its in heaven. up


This song has 3 levels to it. On the surface level, it is about the River Jordan in Israel, which is much mentioned in the Bible. It is the river where Jesus was baptised, and where he received power from God to begin his public ministry. On a secondary level, the song is about a beautiful little girl called Jordan, whom I first met when she was 4 years old, through her parents. She is now 13 years old!!! And on the third, and deepest level, the song is about the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the invisible presence and power of God in the world today - and in the Bible frequent analogies are made between water - rivers, and seas - and the Spirit and presence of God. There is a great power and peace about being beside water - it is calming on the soul. And the song speaks about this flow and power, presence and peace of the river.

I Believe In Love

Of all the songs I have ever written, this is perhaps both my favourite, and the most personal song that I have ever written. And every song is a gift anyway, I believe. But this song was especially so. For most songwriters, they may get 1 song in 50 which just "comes to them", almost like taking dictation from a teacher. This is perhaps the quickest song I have ever written. I had done it all, lyrics and music, in about an hour an a half. You know when a song is going to work, it just has a spark, and it flows. Lyrically, it is about hope over adversity. It is about meeting the love of your life - your soul mate - of things being perfect for a short time, and then everything totally falling apart. Everything is perfect and then suddenly you've been totally rejected, and you don't even understand why. In one moment you've lost your love, your best friend, your companion, your soul mate. Everything has gone. You're broken. Empty. Dead inside. Just a shell of a person. Confused. Questioning. Devastated. But the song ends with hope. Yes I will always love you. I can't ever forget you. But life must go on. And so we go on alone, as bravely as we can into a completely unknown future. And we put our trust in God and in his unfailing love and strength. Love will prevail in the end. Love always ultimately triumphs."